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Heavy Duty Wall Rail Bracket (HDWB)

HDWB/3002 - Heavy Duty Wall Rail Bracket

2-5/8" From wall to center of arm.

2-1/8" wall plate diameter

Handrail plate is 1-3/4" L x 3/4" W features a wide variety of quality handrail hardware, including handrail brackets in just about every finish. Hold your stair rail securely with quality stair rail brackets. Our brackets are available in satin black, brass, chrome, and nickel. Don't limit yourself to the traditional bright brass handrail brackets. Expand your design choices with our finishes.

In some jurisdictions, code may require that both ends of the handrail return to the wall using a level quarter turn. Other jurisdictions allow handrail to be finished with a returned end. Check your local code listings to determine your specific code requirements. When ordering the fittings to finish your handrail, be sure to order the fittings and handrail from the same company or you may not get a close fit.

Wall brackets should always be fastened securely to the studs in the wall. Handrail brackets should be placed near the ends of the handrail section as well as at least every four feet of running rail. It is not recommended that you use dry wall hangers to hold handrail brackets.

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