February 09, 2016 2 min read

If you’re remodeling your current staircase or building a brand new one, you will have lots of decisions to make when it comes to designing your staircase. One decision you will face is the choice between wood or iron balusters. Although both options would make a beautiful and stylish addition to your staircase, one may be better suited to your personal design than the other. Here are a few great qualities about both to help you choose between the two.

Wood balusters offer incomparable traditional and classic beauty. They are a great option for those who appreciate the timeless architectural elegance and craftsmanship that wood offers. Wood is the perfect material for anyone looking for a timeless staircase. Using only the finest quality wood, our craftsmen are able to create various detailed designs that create favorable architectural statements in any home. Our wood balusters are hand-crafted and made in America by skilled craftsmen that take pride in their products and treat them as works of art. Our craftsmen spend more time turning our balusters and give their full attention to detail. Each baluster is inspected by hand and sanded before shipping. Although we do offer contractor grade balusters as well, we do not rely solely on these mass produced ones like many of our competitors.

Although the look of wrought iron is much different than wood balusters, the line of wrought iron balusters on the market today are sure to impress in both design and beauty. Improved manufacturing processes and better designs have wrought iron balusters looking more beautiful than ever. Homeowners are in favor of this trend, as iron balusters compliment almost any kind of stair design and offer an unparalleled ornate elegance. Iron is an excellent choice for those that favor modern designs, whether sleek and industrial or detailed and decorative. Well-known for its flexibility, wrought iron lends itself to a wide variety of styles and designs. With any staircase, durability is an important factor in design. Over the years, wrought iron has become even more durable, and now comes pre-coated with protective enamels that make them last longer, resisting wear and tear. This makes iron balusters an excellent option for increasing the life of your staircase.

Whether you choose wood or iron, your staircase is sure to be incredible with balusters from Stair Parts USA.

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