Why Cedar Is an Excellent Choice for Exterior Stairs

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Cedar is a popular choice among craftsmen for all areas of the house. The beautiful hardwood is naturally resistant to a number of factors making it extremely durable and an excellent choice for interior and exterior staircases.

If you are planning to build a set of stairs for the exterior of your home, you will need to take the proper measures in making sure that your staircase is protected from the elements. Extra precaution will need to be taken for those living in areas of the country where weather is inconsistent and unpredictable.

Also, keep in mind the unwanted guests. You will want to take the necessary steps to keep your staircase and your home from being invaded by pesky insects that are not only a nuisance, but can do some serious damage.

Most importantly you want the wood used for your staircase to be durable and reliable in order to withstand the wear and tear or regular traffic. This is especially true for your outdoor staircases, as the durability will keep your family safe when walking on them.

Cedar is grown largely in the Pacific Northwest, where humidity levels are high throughout much of the year and the weather is extremely unpredictable. This allows the trees to build up natural defenses and to become less susceptible to damaging winds. It also decrease their likelihood to rot when moisture levels peak.

Cedar also has a natural bug repellent deterring aggressive cockroaches or termites that want to devour your staircase and home. Using cedar for your stairs and other furnishings in your home means that you are less likely to have territorial duels with these nasty bugs.

Cedar is extremely durable hardwood that is less prone to warping and expansion, as it does not absorb water as easily as other species.

With all of the amazing qualities Cedar possesses, it is hard to deny that it is an excellent choice for your staircase.

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