December 28, 2015 2 min read

There are so many benefits of using stainless steel cable railing indoors, but have you considered all of the advantages of using it outdoors?

Stainless steel cable rail offers the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. The unique material is rust resistant and isn't likely to blemish. Being a compound of steel and chromium, stainless steel is exceptionally strong and durable. The exterior stainless steel is 316 grade stainless. Hardwood has its benefits and advantages as well, but when authentic hardwood is exposed to moisture for prolonged lengths of time, it will inevitably begin to rot. Stainless steel cable railing’s water resistant properties make it able to withstand the unpredictable and inconsistent weather of the outdoors.

Many homeowners choose to use stainless steel cable railing for the exterior of their home because they love the modern appearance they cannot get with traditional hardwood. Cable railing offers homeowners new design options and the ability to explore their creativity and unique style.

Stainless steel cable rails are most commonly used for back patios and porches. The beauty and impact that cable railing offers to exterior design is simply indescribable. Adding decorative touches with personal décor and stylish furniture brings the look together and creates a noteworthy space friends and family will enjoy.

Stainless steel cable rails are also used to define and enhance front porches as well. Even if your front door is low to the ground or your entryway is far from grand, using stainless steel cable rails will create an impactful look that will instantly transform the exterior of your home. You can simply install them just directly at the front door or use them around the entire front porch.

But don’t limit yourself to just porches. There are many areas around the exterior of your home where stainless steel cable rails can be used. You may need to experiment with design to find the perfect areas for your cable railing, but thinking outside the box with your exterior design will leave you with a truly unique and personalized home.

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