November 06, 2015 2 min read

First impressions begin at your front door. Create a focal point and draw your visitor’s visual interest up and into your home with a well-designed stairway. Make the entrance of your home a welcoming site by implementing some of the design features used for an interior stair system. Extending your design outside of the home will add curb appeal and personality to the exterior of your home while instantly enhancing your landscaping with a striking and stylish addition.

Multiple storied homes often have the opportunity for exterior decks, porches, and other outside living areas. Stairs are used to access the different levels. For these homes stairs are a natural extension.

If you have an existing porch or deck and want an instant update, customize your stairs. For a seamless finish you will need to integrate your stairs to compliment your existing porch or deck. You can choose to customize your balustrade to match your existing deck or refinish your deck to match your new stairs. For best results with this project, contact a professional who can guide you in understanding wood types, the design, and the installation.

For exterior stairs you will need to use the proper materials. Knowledge and use of the correct materials for outdoor structures is important for the longevity of your stair system and safety of those who use it. You will need materials that are resistant to weather and insects. You will also need to use the proper exterior paint and stains. These will help prolong the beauty and integrity of your stairs and balustrade system. You may also want to consider certain design elements that will aid in safety, like textured treads.

Public spaces and businesses can also have the beauty and appeal of a well-design, custom stair system. Having safety requirements doesn’t mean the design has to be bland and boring. Thanks to all of the materials on the market today, any staircase can be a grand piece of art. An eye-catching stair system can be easily created with a mix of metals, striking glass, stately stone, or rustic woods.

To make sure that your stairs are built to code, hire a professional. If you need help planning a staircase that merges design and function, give us a call. Our team of stairway experts can help guide you.





Article by Amber Burkhart

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