Creating Your Staircase – Choosing Handrails

July 27, 2015 2 min read

Today’s homeowners have more design options than ever before. This creates amazing opportunities to explore design and style and really customize every part of your home. But with that being said, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to make decisions with so many choices!

Handrails are not only an important safety feature as they are the grasping point for ascending or descending your stairs, but they establish the overall look and architecture of your staircase.
When choosing handrails think about which style best represents your design tastes. Do you consider yourself drawn to rustic or traditional? Or perhaps you prefer more modern styles? Maybe you admire many styles. Consider the colors, details, and influences that make up your home.

Your stairs do not have to make a statement. Less can be more when it comes to design. Staircases are pieces of exquisite furniture that you get to customize. They should reflect your personal style.

Don’t forget about safety! It is easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetics, but don’t overlook safety. Your needs may limit your design. If you have small children, you may not be able to get too creative with your design as safety is more important. Fortunately, there are many styles and designs in a variety of materials for you to choose from and finding exactly what you need is relatively easy in today’s market.

You can find handrails in wood, metal, stone, aluminum, and wrought iron. Wood is the most popular choice as it offers a warm and traditional feel. Metal is also popular because of its weather resistant quality and durability. Stone is beautiful and elegant but is the more expensive choice and the heaviness of the material isn’t for everyone. Aluminum is often chosen for its maintenance free quality. Wrought iron is functional and durable and comes in a variety of styles.

Keep clippings of pictures of stairs that you admire and contact a stair parts professional, like those at, to help bring your vision to life.

Your staircase is a piece of artwork. You have the ability to customize and design it to reflect your personality, add detail and architectural influence, and transform your home.




Article by Amber Burkhart

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