Decluttering your kitchen

August 15, 2013 2 min read

The definition of kitchen essentials is different for each household. Some may need every gadget and gizmo on the market today and some only need a utensil or two, but whatever your need, kitchens can get cluttered quickly. To start, choose a drawer, cupboard, or shelf and dig in! As you begin rummaging through utensils, appliances, and ingredients for food preparation, you will need to decide: keep, sell/donate, store, or toss? First determine what you really use. Be reasonable when determining how many cups, bowls, cookie sheets, and knives you really need. Excess storage containers, utensils, lids without a home, and mismatched items can be donated or tossed. Selling and donating are great options for appliances and tools that are not used regularly or have no purpose in your kitchen. Consider storing your seasonal cooking tools to free up space for items used more frequently. Assess your newly cleared space. Wipe clean and replace any shelf liners or padding if needed. When reorganizing kitchen gadgets, be mindful of the layout of your kitchen. Try to store like items near the appropriate appliance. Make use of the space by your oven/stove for pots and pans, cookie sheets, baking trays, and utensils. Storage containers, plates, glasses, and flatware can be kept near the refrigerator and sink. This mindful method will keep your kitchen organized and running smoothly. Organizers will be your best friend. Use them in drawers, cabinets, and cupboards to help maximize storage and eliminate wasted space. At this point nothing should be left without a home. Take a moment to step back and enjoy your newly organized, clutter-free kitchen. Article by Amber Burkhart Picture - Nosha

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