Experiment with mismatched risers for an interesting visual

July 03, 2013 1 min read

Here at Stair Parts USA, we understand that there are so many ways to make a staircase more interesting and unique, and that homeowners who are passionate and creative in their design are often taking this structure to new heights. The risers on stairs are a particularly nice opportunity to do something different, since they make a big impact but don't require anything extra in terms of structure. 

You may have seen pictures of attractively painted or tiled risers, bringing color and pattern into this often unadorned part of your steps. While these are nice options, it might not work in every setting, especially if there is already a rigid design scheme or set color palette in play. This isn't the only option, however. 

If you're looking to make your risers stand out, but don't want to paint them, consider changing the wood. Alternating wood stain or species either by step or using more than one type of wood on every riser will make them stand out but be subtle enough that it won't take over the entire appearance of your room. 

 You can even make this structure stand out more by making your hand rail coordinate with some of the risers, and your balustrade match with the others. Stair Parts USA has numerous interesting risers in a variety of hardwoods. No mater what your idea is, we have the extensive selection of items to help you turn it into a reality. 

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