Make the most of your staircase landing

June 26, 2013 2 min read

Here at Stair Parts USA, we believe that your staircase should be an area of your home that makes you extremely happy. Too often, homeowners will assume that they can't do anything about the unsatisfactory structure that runs between floors of their house. In reality, you can change your staircase without too much work or expense and make it into a much nicer part of the house. 

Often, homeowners might have an impressive vision about the kind of staircase that they would like to have, but the project will require major construction and be quite expensive to complete. However, taking a project on incrementally can be a wonderful way to make the changes to your staircase and become happier with the way it looks without becoming completely overwhelmed in the process.

One way to make your steps a little more appealing without breaking the bank is to make update the bottom flight but not higher ones. Especially if your stairs are visible from the front door, this will turn them from an eyesore to a part of your home that you're proud of, making the payoff for updating this part of your steps more immediate. 

Whether you want to change the material, update the balustrade or widen your steps, the bottom flight is a great place to start. After that, rather than moving on to higher steps, you should take a look at the landing. Staircase landings are often undervalued in terms of being the kind of space that you can really improve. 

If you have enough space, consider adding a set of chairs and a book shelf, turning what was an unadorned floor area into a cozy reading nook. However, you might not have quite enough room for a seating area. If your landing is smaller, consider turning it into a window seat, shelving area or even a small gallery to show off family pictures. 

If your house is tight on storage space, see if you can have linen closets built into the walls. Not only are these a great use of space, but you'll love not having to carry clean laundry all the way upstairs to put it away. 

Don't forget to properly light your landing, no matter what you decide to do with it, as a dark one can be dangerous and will also seem inhospitable. 

Take care to make this part of your home fit in with the rest of the space, choosing similar wood to what you used as treads, or matching  your shelving to the balustrade. If you want to make your house feel more like home, the solution often comes in the form of updating your staircase. This is a simple way to upgrade the quality of the entire space, and take full advantage of the potential of your stairs. 

There is no reason to live your with your staircase just the way that it is. Rather than disliking how it looks, it's much better to make changes to this structure in your house, and find out just how much you can really love it. 




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