Turn the side of your staircase into a display area for your favorite items

June 05, 2013 1 min read

Here on the Stair Parts USA blog, we love to discuss creative uses for the storage space underneath a staircase. The area below the stairs in most homes is used as a closet, but the shape of this room makes it not all that useful in this capacity, since most people won't want to climb into a low dark closet. 

Instead of a closet, many homeowners have decided to get smarter about their storage area, making it accessible from the wall space that runs directly under the balustrade. This means that you won't have to crawl through a dark scary spot to find whatever you're storing, and can actually use much more of the available room. 

Depending on the needs of the homeowner, we've talked about making this wall space into wine storage, drawers for holding excess silverware and more. But another option is to turn it into a display cabinet. 

Simply add shelving and glass doors, and this free area underneath your steps can be an opportunity to show off trinkets that mean a lot to your family. But don't forget that the area above is still a staircase, so make sure that you fill your new display case with items that won't get broken simply because of the movement of people above. 

You can finish your shelves by adding newel posts to the edge of each shelf, making the display area look as if it was always there. You can also consider making the doors the same color as your wooden handrails. 




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