Consider lighting while you're building a staircase

May 25, 2013 1 min read

Modern staircases have been extremely popular in home decor lately. If you live in a contemporary style house, having your stairs make a sculptural statement that fits with the rest of the home is a common choice. Homeowners often prefer to have stainless steel hand rails and other stair parts, since these lend a sleek aesthetic to the entire structure. 

Whether you choose to use some wooden and glass elements or prefer stainless steel exclusively is up to you, but many homeowners who are using this look in their residence are also working to light the steps appropriately. Placing recessed lighting fixtures in the wall by a staircase is common these days - even indoors. 

Obviously this has a few benefits. Not only will your steps stand out even more when they're illuminated by these unique lights, but they will also be safer, especially at night. You can add a unique visual element at the same time as you improve the safety of the structure. 

However, especially if you're doing the work yourself, this can be quite difficult and expensive. Consider using a similar tactic to brighten the space by adding track lighting under your handrails. This will give you the same safety benefits and help to illuminate a particularly beautiful staircase balustrade. 

Don't let those incredible spindles and staircase newels go unseen. Instead, highlight them when you light up your staircase for an interesting modern look. Stair Parts USA has all of the items you need to improve this essential structure in your house. 

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