Incorporate a rustic staircase into a traditional home for a more approachable appearance

May 03, 2013 1 min read

Currently, the prevailing style many new homeowners subscribe to is the rustic look. Even in the most urban of landscapes, many individuals are incorporating a backwoods style to their house in the hopes of making their dwelling appear more welcoming compared to the harsh city. 

But it can be particularly difficult to incorporate this rough-hewn style into a traditional home that's already been outfitted with the kind of classic or colonial look that has been so popular in architecture and home decor over the last several years. You may find that your doorways, mouldings and other details don't fall in line with this new aesthetic that you're attempting to establish in your home. 

Rather than replacing all of these details, which can be costly and time consuming, you may have better luck changing their context by making one big change in your home. Replacing your staircase with one that's in this celebrated rustic style can give you the look that you're trying so hard to create. 

Dark wood treads will go a long way, especially if you use a premium species like American Cherry. The real impact will come from the handrail, however, which should be as plain as you can find - ideally the kind that you would be used to finding on the stairs for your back deck. Finally, in order to complete this transformation, you will need wooden staircase spindles that help to complete the aesthetic. 

Sometimes, changing one aspect of your home can make everything else appear different. 

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