Personalize a split-level with a custom staircase

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Here in the United States, the split-level is one of the most common styles around. In order to save on architecture plans and reduce the cost of moving into a new home, many Americans choose to live in a house that was built on spec. In situations like these, a location is picked out and a basic blueprint is chosen for construction before a buyer has even been found. 

The so-called split-level was for a long time one of the most common styles that's built in these situations. Characterized by the fact that it's one level on one side, but two stories on the other, this type of house is perfect for families, since three bedrooms generally come standard. Since architects use these designs so often, there are a number of ways to add on to a split level when you're ready for a little more space down the road. 

But if you're just moving in, an addition is probably not in the cards just yet. Still, you may be feeling pressure to dress up or personalize your home anyway. After all, living in a cookie-cutter street of homes that look the same can start to feel a little mundane from time to time. 

Since the staircase on this kind of house is directly visible from the front door, updating it can really improve the look and feeling of your home as soon as you walk in. Consider replacing your existing steps with a set that's more striking. Try intricate wooden staircase newels along with stone treads or a similar mismatched combination. When you're considering how to make a standard split-level a little more exciting, simply redo the stairs.

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