A method to protect hardwood treads during a renovation project

March 26, 2013 2 min read

It's true that Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early end to winter when he couldn't find his shadow back in February, but as most American's can attest, it hardly feels like spring outside. In fact, many northern states still have a healthy coating of snow on the ground, while residents wait anxiously for warmer temperatures to signal that the seasons have officially changed.

If you are still stuck inside because of the unseasonably cold weather, now may be a good time to start planning this year's big spring renovation project for your home. The weather conditions outside probably prohibit you from using your lawn as a workshop just yet, so you now have an opportunity to give your plans another thorough once-over to guarantee that your project is sound.

If you plan on renovating your stairwell in the coming months, there is one part of the renovation that you can begin work on while you wait for the temperatures outside to finally warm up.

Cover your treads with a length of foam underlayer cut to the width of the stairway. Using oriented strand board (OSB), which can be purchased for a few dollars a sheet at most hardware stores, cut new tread covers for the steps that will protect them during your project. Put up a diagonal nailer on each side and use one-inch scrap board to fasten it vertically to the top of the new tread. Place each OSB tread on top of the foam covered hardwood , and fasten the scrap board to the diagonal nailer.

You'll only need to make a few holes into your hardwood stair parts using screws or nails, which can easily be covered with putty once you remove the temporary treads. This will protect your staircase during a renovation while still allowing members of the household to use the flight.

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