Protect "man's best friend," and your treads, by using pads on your staircase

March 14, 2013 2 min read

According to the 2007 National Pet Owners Survey, conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association, there are more than 74 million dogs in the United States. Although canines only come in at number three on the list of the most popular pets in the country - behind cats, of which there are almost 90 million, and freshwater fish, whose numbers exceed 140 million - there's a reason why these creatures are considered "man's best friend." For most households, the dog is more than just a pet - he's an integral member of the family, and his safety is a big concern.

Some dogs, like small children, have a lot of energy, which makes them pretty accident-prone. This is especially true on staircases, where a four-legged friend ascending or climbing down a flight may trip and take a tumble if they aren't being careful.

Many homeowners look into avoiding hardwood or uncovered surfaces so that their pets can travel up and down a staircase without slipping. Not only that, the material itself may not stay shiny and beautiful when four paws are constantly scraping up and down hardwood treads. But carpeting is also an issue, as long fibers may be just as susceptible to damage as wood.

Many pet owners look into small pads that cover just the treads on the staircase instead of fully carpeting the entire flight. These pads have short fibers that will simply provide some texture under foot for your pet without making a huge aesthetic statement on your stairs. That isn't to say that these pads aren't attractive, as retailers offer these flooring options in a wide array of designs that can fit in with any interior.

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