Choose the right wood for your outdoor stair parts this spring

March 12, 2013 2 min read

Spring is right around the corner, which means homeowners will soon be utilizing their yards to enjoy the great outdoors. After the past winter, which produced record snowfall in some parts of the country, it only makes sense that you'd be anxious to get started on a project that will involve spending plenty of time enjoying more pleasant weather.

While it may be too early to actually begin construction on a deck for your backyard or farmer's porch for your main entryway, you have plenty of time to plan ahead for the project and scout out the best materials available for the task.

Many craftsmen consider cedar a perfect wood for the stair parts used outdoors. This wood is durable and relatively inexpensive given the wide array of benefits that it comes along with. First off, the intricate striping on cedar, with deep brown veins intersecting strands of gold, gives off a premium, rustic look. This is perfectly fitting for homes that are looking for a log cabin aesthetic and those that are nestled in a wooded area - cedar has a natural resistance to most invasive insects that eat away at other wood varieties.

Homeowners can also implement other hardwoods on their outdoor stair projects like mahogany or teak, though these species are much more expensive and will require special sealing as a weatherproofing measure.

If you're planning to build a staircase on the front porch of your house, you should consider purchasing stair parts like expertly carved box newels or elaborate turned balusters to help instill your home with an attractive look from the curbside. Stair Parts USA has treads and risers in a wide variety of woods that will work indoors or outside.

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