Address the carpeting on your staircase when you conduct your annual spring cleaning

March 07, 2013 1 min read

Spring is approaching and with it comes markedly improved weather. This heralds an opportunity to air out the house and get some serious cleaning done. During the winter, many homeowners tend to feel a lack of motivation to undertake large-scale domestic projects because of the cold temperatures. As a result, certain areas of the house tend to get cluttered or downright dirty. Now that spring is here, there is no reason to let these issues get any larger.

The central staircase is one area of the home that gets especially abused during the winter, as members of the household pound up and down the flight in heavier footwear than they do in the spring and summer. Whether you have carpeted staircases or exposed hardwood treads and risers, odds are you have noticed this structure got a little dingy over the past few months.

If you do have carpeting on your steps, consider renting a wet vacuum to tackle the dirt and grime that built up during the winter. Give the steps a thorough vacuuming, being sure to take your time so that you don't miss a spot. Start at the top steps and work your way down to the bottom so that you aren't inadvertently stepping on an area that you have already cleaned.

Many homeowners simply use runners on their staircases, which means they only have to address a small section of carpet when they vacuum. For stairs that are fully carpeted, however, you'll have to use a series of attachments to make sure to get around the turned balusters and the underside of the tread, where dust tends to accumulate.

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