Get creative when it comes to painting your private staircase

February 11, 2013 2 min read

Many homes have secondary staircases in parts of the house other than just the main foyer. Whether you have a staircase that leads up to your attic or down to your basement, these structures aren't necessarily viewed by every guest who enters your home, and therefore they don't have to have the most sophisticated or elegant stair parts or design scheme. Instead, you have more freedom to give these stairs a more unique personality than your central flight. 

This is especially true if the staircase leads to a room that is used for the personal enjoyment of the residents of the household. If you've turned the basement or the attic into a game room, for example, you don't need to worry about using premium wrought iron balusters or intricately carved box newels on the staircase leading here, although you do want them to be fun.

Consider painting the stairs in a fun, bright manner that really allows it to come to have some personality. A popular technique lately has been painting inspirational messages or quotes onto the treads of the stairs that make every step a little more enjoyable. 

This look could also work on the risers, as the inspirational messages face you as you ascend the staircase, giving you food for thought.

These structures also allow you to incorporate a color scheme on the stairs that you couldn't get away with in different areas of the house. You can use a rainbow of hues, alternating a shade with each step, that will make the flight a little more dynamic. You could even incorporate a pattern into the structure, switching between two or more shades throughout. These secondary flights can work wonders to enliven a space if you just put a little creativity into it.

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