Homes in 2013 to feature more dynamic, ecologically friendly look

January 30, 2013 2 min read

In 2012, many homes were taking on a more traditional look, with conservative decorations, basic color schemes, traditional patterns and an overall reserved interior aesthetic. However, going into 2013, the average new American home is vastly different than the kind of residence that many of today's home buyers might have grown up in.

This year, homeowners are increasingly looking into environmentally friendly designs that push forward rather than recall the past. For example, many shoppers are building custom houses, even prefabricated properties, featuring amenities and fashion cues that are more ecologically conscious than older properties constructed in the last century.

In stairs, for example, homeowners are increasingly veering away from materials that are shipped from abroad or are considered in some capacity to be rare species. Because of this, interior designers are  looking into treads made out of domestic woods that can be found in abundance throughout North America. Hickory and oak, for example, are considered affordable options for treads and risers that look great, can be harvested in abundance and lower a home's carbon footprint given the minimal transit involved in shipping these materials.

As well, opting out of wood for some stair parts is one popular attitude many homeowners are starting to embrace. Stainless steel handrails are an agreeable feature as they offer buyers a look that is true to a forward-thinking, futuristic design philosophy. At the same time, they allow a residence to embrace an alternative material that spares a few trees.

As far as colors go, homeowners are being more bright and adventurous going into the new year than in years past, incorporating daring contrasts on the walls through richly patterned wallpaper and area rugs that make a statement give the space a much more dynamic feel.

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