Update your staircase using the "Color of the Year"

January 17, 2013 2 min read

Ideally, putting a new set of stairs in your home is an investment that will keep your residence stylish for years to come. Trends in staircase design don't tend to go out of fashion like other aspects of the home's interior, though you have to be wise about choosing a look that is timeless.

For fashion-forward interior designers, however, having a look in your home that reflects the latest trends is a must, and the central staircase of a house may not necessarily reflect the fads of the moment, putting a damper on the home's overall style.

An easy way to make sure that your residence's central staircase maintains a fresh look is to take a risk and make your stairs burst with color.

According to Pantone, a design company that is considered an authority in fashion and interiors, emerald green has been named the color of the moment. Whether used on walls, doors, moldings or even the staircase, the color can add life to a room that makes even a somewhat dated design feature appear totally current.

Since this color pops out when used in any setting, start small and then expand depending on how well this look blends in with the rest of the room. If your main entryway has a more basic color scheme, start by painting just the handrail of your banister to give it a shock of green.

If you decide this look works and want to expand the contrast, throw a coat onto the balusters and newels so that your whole banister becomes a focal point and lightens the room's aesthetic.

Instead of changing the actual stair parts themselves, applying a coat of paint will work wonders in modernizing the look of your entryway.

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