Use stainless steel stair parts in your beachfront property

January 11, 2013 1 min read

Having a vacation house is a luxury not everyone can afford, but for those who can, this home-away-from-home is a cherished commodity. As the economy rebounds, home construction is booming, and areas that had seen a stagnant real estate market are now showing signs of life. Nowhere is this more true than in vacation communities where new foundations are being laid in droves.

In coastal areas, vacation properties tend to have open layouts that take advantage of the great views and scenic vistas that make the real estate so valuable. So as not to obstruct the fabulous visuals on display, other structures within the house, such as staircases, tend to be as simple as possible.

If you are working on either renovating a vacation home or building a new property from scratch, consider a more bare-bones approach to your staircase. It may be tempting to implement a visually striking or opulent design, but taking a simplistic approach won't distract from the natural beauty of your home's surroundings.

A hybrid steel and wood structure will be simple and unobtrusive in this kind of home, allowing visitors and residents to look past the staircase. .

Stainless wire railing gives a very subtle elegance to the look of the staircase as the vertical stringing goes the length of the structure. The same can be said about the stainless round bar railing sold by Stair Parts USA, though these give a more structural appearance than a wire design.

Steps that appear to float are the perfect complement to these handrails if they are supported by thin steel stringers and aren't weighed down by risers.

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