The perfect stairs for a Spanish revival residence

December 31, 2012 2 min read

Spanish revival style homes are essentially the Southwestern equivalent of the traditional colonial residence that is found in abundance throughout the East Coast. This school of architecture is characterized specifically by the unique materials that are used in each home's construction. Stucco on the interior and exterior walls are not uncommon, as are exposed wood beams and, of course, a healthy use of terra cotta. As well, wrought iron or other rustic metals are used as a decorative accents throughout these spaces.

Even though this kind of residence is most popular in the Southwest, Spanish revival homes can be found throughout the country. It is a design that comes in all sorts of sizes, and not one strict layout is considered standard practice, making it a versatile and dynamic.

Larger, multi-level Spanish revival homes tend to feature elaborate central staircases that mix wood and other detailing into the overall aesthetic. Wrought-iron balusters are a key design cue and look especially elegant when paired with darkly stained woods.

The balusters on these staircases can be as elaborate as possible given the materials subtle grandeur. A design like the Scroll Series offered by Stair Parts USA is the ultimate accessory for the railings of a Spanish Revival central staircase, as they set an authentic rustic tone for the space.

Curved archways and detailing are a signature feature of this school of architecture, so reflect that in the staircase. A winding design will set a dramatic statement that will only get reinforced by a wonderful turned newels of a darkly stained wood.

You can use the same railings inside or outside of the home as wrought iron is a durable material that can be treated to withstand the elements.

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