Paint your risers to make the entryway come alive

December 21, 2012 2 min read

A popular trend in staircase design is taking a traditional structure and inserting it with a subtle burst of color that has a substantial impact on the overall aesthetic of the space. Specifically, more adventurous homeowners are putting bright hues with busy patterns on the risers of the staircase going up the steps.

This trend has made staircases across the country a feast for the eyes as the look of the structure changes drastically depending on where you are viewing it from. When you enter a house where the main stairway has been given this treatment, the stairs will demand the attention of anyone coming through the front door.

Popular interior design website Home Trend Spotter has a whole gallery of these kinds of staircase designs that have turned otherwise simple entryways into interactive art exhibits.

Several of these patterns are derived from floral designs, which are a great look for any setting. These patterns are often considered seasonal, but when paired with the right colors, they can help set an aesthetic that is pleasing any time of year.

If you have floral wallpaper or a pattern that was painted onto the walls of your entryway, use the same design on your risers. The mirroring effect will help tie the look of the space together and really let you get the most mileage out of a beautiful pattern.

Another option is to alternate the colors used on the risers every step of the staircase. You can either change up the pattern but maintain the color scheme, keep the same pattern but employ different hues on each step, or make it a combination of the two and really make the entryway explode with creativity.

No matter what direction you take to make your risers more colorful, adding a pattern on your risers will go a long way in making the space a playful one.

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