When living with a toddler, carpet the stairs in berber

December 14, 2012 2 min read

The second floor of most homes is reserved for bedrooms or private spaces, making it unavoidable that many trips will be taken up and down the stairway in the course of a single day. Although leaving the stairs without carpeting is ideal so as not to disguise the rich shine of beautifully stained wood, some smaller inhabitants may require a softer surface underfoot to prevent accidents from happening.

In homes with toddlers who are just getting the hang of walking around on their own two feet, hardwood flooring is probably not the safest option. An over-excited tike who is prone to taking a spill will want to land on a much softer surface to prevent any unnecessary injuries. This is especially true on staircases, as stained wood may be slippery and this is one of the worst places you want a small child to lose their bearings.

You don't want the style of your home to suffer at the expense of having it be safer for your family. Its true that the health of your loved ones should always be a priority, but you can make a space nearly hazard-free without sacrificing a pleasing aesthetic.

The carpet shouldn't be too long or too soft, as these surfaces may themselves be slippery because they sacrifice grip. Not only that, but you'll want to consider a carpeting that will handle the wear and tear of your family's continued use. These steps take quite a beating day-in and day-out, and shag carpeting with long fibers won't have a long lifespan in high traffic locations.

A good compromise is berber carpeting, as this option gives you a whole array of design options while at the same time having nearly unparalleled durability compared to other options. Contemporary berber can either come in solid colors or splashes of varied hues that will fit into the design scheme you've chosen for the door way. It has more grip given its tighter fibers than plusher carpets, and, best of all, is soft enough that youngsters will hopefully be able to bounce back after minor trips. 

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