June 09, 2016 2 min read


Current home trends involve a more minimalist design with clean lines, simple architecture, and neutral hues. Steel lends itself well to this design as it creates a sleek and modern aesthetic that allows homeowners to create a very modern and minimalist staircase. In fact, the popularity of metal staircases for home interiors is continuing to increase as homeowners are appreciating the ultra-modern and simplistic vibe. 

Metal staircases replace traditional vertical wooden balusters with horizontal bars or cable to help modernize the look, but simply recreating the vertical lines of a staircase with metal can be just as striking.

If you’re looking for ultra-sleek and modern, horizontal bars or cable create clean lines. Many metal staircases feature parallel lines of tubular steel that follow the path of the stairs including any bends and slopes.

Metal handrails are the perfect addition in keeping with the style, and if you like the look of industrial, adding metal handrails is a great way to achieve the style.

Glass mixed with metal elements is an absolutely stunning way to create a modern masterpiece. Keeping the surrounding area simple with clean and crisp colors and materials will highlight your contemporary design.

While lighter brushed metal is often the more popular choice for stairs, darker, richer toned metals are a fantastic option as well. For homes with lighter colored décor, dark metals add a striking contrast creating noteworthy visual interest. Another option is to combine the two with lighter and darker toned elements. A dark handrail would pair well with lighter thin metallic supports.

Metal can transform your staircase into sculptural art, offering a creative solution to traditional safety and support.  Adding metal to your staircase will create the perfect stylish focal point with modern flair.

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