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Oak is a very popular type of hardwood. Often used because of its great versatility, oak can be found in chairs, tables, benches, pianos, and countless other pieces of furniture and household items. Oak is also one of the most commonly used materials for producing stair treads. Its durability, classic style, and easy maintenance make it the perfect option for many.

Oak has a reputation of lasting and lasting. If you’ve ever owned a piece of furniture made of oak, you can attest to this statement: Its strength and durability make it a dependable hardwood. Oak will go years and years without warping, chipping, or damaging. Cheaper materials, such as particle board, cannot offer you this same promise of quality and assurance. Stair treads take a lot of abuse, as they are the part of the stairs that you walk on. They come into contact with various surfaces, liquids and chemicals, and the dirt, dust, and grime carried by feet and shoes. Considering you and your family will be walking on them daily, you’ll want a reliable material that is going to hold up and guarantee dependability. Oak stair treads are designed to take a beating without showing any signs of wear or damage, making them an excellent addition to your staircase.

Just like oak furniture, oak stair treads are stylish and attractive. Oak creates a classic and timeless look that is perfect for those looking for a blend of modern and vintage. Both white and red oak are excellent options as they are incredibly beautiful and will compliment any home. Oak is great for those looking to add sophistication to their home décor. Having trouble trying to choose an appropriate wood to match the colors and elements in your home? Oak will naturally match and offer you beauty beyond compare.

Looking for low maintenance? Oak is super easy to clean. Oak has natural water resistant properties that will make cleaning up spills a breeze. A paper towel or clean cloth will absorb any spills leaving behind no damage. There are a variety of hardwood furniture polish designed specifically for woods like oak that keep your treads shinny and beautiful.

Oak is a tried and true hardwood that has been used in stair construction for over a hundred years and is guaranteed to impress. If you want the best value for performance, oak is for you. Oak is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, so worry not, not only will your treads last, but your stairs will be in style for years and years to come.

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