April 28, 2016 2 min read

As you begin the planning process for your new build or soon-to-be remodeled staircase, you will start the search for a stair parts supplier. This process can be overwhelming as there are so many competing stair part suppliers claiming to have exactly what you need. So before placing your order, consider asking this simple question – “Where are your stair parts made?” Customers often overlook this question and it’s a topic that most stair part suppliers try to avoid. What they don’t want to tell you is that the “quality” stair parts you are buying are cheaply manufactured in China.

Most stair part suppliers are getting the majority, if not all, of their products manufactured in China. In fact, over 95% of the iron balusters sold in the United States are manufactured in China. As stair builders know, this can mean poor quality and craftsmanship. This includes things like finger joints, laminated or veneered products, and the potential risk of a lead coating. Unfortunately, patrons with custom orders are often left waiting on lengthy delivery times just to receive substandard materials.

Many wholesalers advertise that they supply “cheap” or “discounted” materials, but be wary of what they are offering. They are able to offer you such “discounts” because they are selling inadequate products manufactured overseas. So don’t be fooled by their promises of high quality-low cost parts and materials, as ultimately you will get what you pay for.

Stair Parts USA does something different. When we say quality, we mean it. Our wood products are expertly crafted and manufactured by Americans who are proud of their heritage and workmanship. We never sacrifice quality, and don’t feel that we need to. In many cases, we able to offer our American hand crafted wood stair parts at prices comparable to competitor’s mass produced products.

Here’s why our stair parts are different. Our American hand-crafted treads are made from solid wood, not veneer, for lasting quality. Unlike the rough, unsanded newel posts and balusters of our competitors, our American made balusters and newel posts come to you well-sanded and can be wiped off with a tack cloth and stained, saving you valuable time and money. You may be wondering what separates our handrails from those of our competitors. Well, other than us offering superior quality handrails at great prices, our stair railings do not have unsightly finger or butt joints. Although, less obvious prior to sanding, handrail joints really stand out once the handrail is stained. Don’t let ugly finger or butt joints subtract from the beauty of your handrail. Lastly, when it comes to iron balusters, almost all being sold in the United States today come from Asia. We have balusters available from Asia for those looking for the lowest cost option, but we also have balusters available from Europe for those wanting the very best quality and value.

Why settle when you can have the very best?

To learn more about the products we sell and what sets us apart from our competitors, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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