Flat Shoe (with set screw) for Square Solid Iron Balusters

PC60/3/AL - Flat Shoe (with set screw) with 9/16" SQ Hole 1-9/16" x 1-3/32" for 1/2"SquareSolid Iron Balusters

PC60/4/AL - Flat Shoe (with set screw) with 5/8" SQ Hole 1-9/16" x 1-3/32" for 9/16" SquareSolid Iron Balusters

PC60/16/IRON - Flat Shoe (with set screw) with 11/16" SQ Hole 1-1/2" x 1-1/8" for 5/8"SquareSolid Iron Balusters

NOTE: These shoes (except for the 5/8" size) are made of aluminum to use with our solid iron balusters. The set screw will require a 2.5mm hex key (Allen wrench) to tighten.

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