StairPartsUSA.com features quality Amish-crafted wood stair treads and risers available in most sizes to work with your stairway.Quality stair treads and risers are the foundation of any stairway.They get the greatest amount of use and abuse.Unlike many stair treads that feature a thin veneer over a plywood or chipboard core, our stair treads are made of strips of solid wood glued together to give you an incredibly beautiful and durable stair tread.Unlike veneered stair treads, our stair treads can be refinished over and over again.You don't have to worry about sanding through the veneer, because our stair treads don't have any.They are solid all the way through.

Our stair treads are made from solid strips of wood that are 2 1/2' to 3' wide and placed in a glue rack overnight.Some of our competitors place their treads in a glue rack for 8 hours or less.We put out stair treads in the glue rack for 16 hours or longer.

Once they are taken from the glue rack, they are put through a planer and surfaced to 1 1/16' then run through a shaper to shape the nosing.Next, if they are a no return stair treads, they are hand sanded with 120 grit sandpaper.If they are "return" stair treads, the return is glued and biscuited to the tread prior to hand sanding.Many companies nail their returns to their stair treads without biscuits.We use biscuits to provide a stronger wood stair tread. Companies that nail their returns to their treads must use wood fillers to fill in the holes left by the nails. During each step of production an Amish craftsman is inspecting the stair treads for quality, smoothness, durability and aesthetics. We could mass produce our stair treads to lower quality standards, but you will be glad we don't. Put simply, we build a better stair tread because quality is important to us.

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